Modulation meters have come a long way since simple peak deviation detectors. When you are looking to monitor an FM broadcast there are many options available. For accurate modulation monitoring (and a whole lot more) the DEVA Broadcast DB4004 is hard to beat. We recommend it as the ‘go-to’ modulation monitor. It’s crammed with features, but here are just some of our favorites:

  • Built in spectrum analyzer for both the FM band and MPX signal!
  • Built-in oscilloscope for IF, MPX, pilot, RDS, L+R audio!
  • Dual antenna ports with built-in RF attenuator
  • Dedicated softkeys for switching between 4 preset stations
  • Dedicated front panel meter for modulation and pilot level
  • Dedicated left and right channel audio level meters
  • Bright and clear LED front panel display
  • Remote listening via IP streaming audio
  • Automatic email alarms of detected faults such as loss of carrier, loss of audio and more

The DB4004’s dedicated front panel meters and red LEDs for over modulation make checking deviation very simple, but with a couple of presses of the front panel there’s a whole lot more hiding underneath. Being able to run FFTs and see RF and MPX spectrum analysis on the front panel of a modulation monitor has never been possible before. Here’s some photos of the front panel in action.


FM bandscan with internal antenna attenuator


MPX spectrum analysis on the front panel!


Multipath graph shows previous logged values


Live oscilloscope of received left audio channel


RDS page displays decoded RDS sub-carrier data


MPX meter page shows important values


AF screen to check all set alternative frequencies


Graphic represents stereo width and stereo blend

Upon closer inspection it’s clear this modulation monitor is hiding some serious tools for monitoring FM broadcasts. It’s no suprise the DB4004 has received 2 industry awards – its DEVA’s second generation receiver. The company learnt from the previous DB4000 and packed this revision with as many features as possible. The powerful accuracy of the digital filters ensures that the FM multiplex signal’s components are accurately repeated from one reciever to another. Combined with the long list of features, logging of measurements to internal memory and remote control and IP streaming audio there simply is no better modulation monitor.

If you are interested, check out a live online demo by clicking here.

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