Tieline has completed development of G5 ISDN and POTS modules which can be used in the Genie and Merlin families of codecs. These modules provide flexibility to engineers by allowing the codecs to connect over different transports as required. They also deliver automatic network backup options for STL, audio distribution and outside broadcast applications.


G5 ISDN Modules (USA and Euro) and G5 POTS Module

All versions of Genie and Merlin codecs are IP enabled and also feature two module slots. The optional G5 ISDN and POTS transport modules can be purchased and retrofitted to existing codecs or installed and shipped in new codecs.

Primary IP connections can failover to backup ISDN or POTS connections to deliver seamless redundancy if connections are interrupted. Add two ISDN modules to connect with up to 4 ISDN B channels, which can be either bonded or allocated to individual audio streams in multi-stream codecs. Two POTS modules can be inserted to create two mono audio stream connections.


aptX® Enhanced Now Supported over ISDN

Tieline Genie and Merlin codecs are now compatible with competitor ISDN codecs using aptX® Enhanced encoding, as well as MP2, G.722 and G.711. This delivers even more flexibility and compatibility when connecting to different brands of ISDN codecs.


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