The DSPX Encore is the ‘most flexible broadcast processor on the planet’. You won’t find another audio processor that can switch from FM, to AM to HD using the front panel control. The versatility of this audio processor means it will never become a white elephant!

It comes with a complete range of highly optimized presets. When designing the DSPX Encore we have looked at what really appeals to listeners. In the past the loudness war has created radio stations with fatiguing audio that actually causes listeners to tune out.  The DSPX Encore re-writes the rule book, creating sound that has longevity, allowing the music to flow naturally.

As proud as we are of our new presets we know some of you out there enjoy playing with audio as much as we do, so you can use our online software to make adjustments to these presets or even create a new one from scratch. Whether you are a processing novice or expert, you’ll easily achieve a signature sound for your station’s format.

DSPX Encore has about as many audio back-up options as you can think off:

  • Internal flash memory
  • External USB
  • IP Stream
  • from audio inputs in the back panel.
  • You can even switch to external equipment via the GPIO contacts.

Whatever the problem with your audio, your broadcast will continue seamlessly without anyone else knowing.  You, on the other hand, are kept completing informed with the aid of email alerts and SNMP. You can set-up / monitor the DSPX Encore using the HTML5 remote, Telnet or HTTP API.

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