Todd Scott explains his decision to launch NBR Radio, and how it has grown in such a short time.

When the National Business Review wanted to add narrated audio functionality to website news articles, the idea emerged of using the same content to form an online radio station. Why not use the traditional radio model – collate a mix of content the listener wants to hear and intersperse it with adverts? NBR Radio was born.

The studio room was constructed and acoustic treatment installed to help isolate the studio from the rest of the building. A compact Wheatstone Air-4 console provided all the connectivity required and Southern Broadcast supplied custom designed furniture to make the most of the available space. Ceiling mounted speakers and suspended LED task lighting rounded up the studio and in no time the stream was live and listeners tuning in to NBR Radio weekly shows like ‘Market Talk’.

[quotes style=”classic” align=”center” author=”Todd Scott, NBR Publisher”]After 16 years of personal involvement in the NZ Radio industry both on-air and in sales, I would not have believed that what we have achieved could be achieved, and for so little investment. Embracing the destructive innovation of the web has enabled us to be a worthy player in an otherwise unaffordable media distribution platform.[/quotes]

The online stream acts as a preview of MyNBR Radio, a customisable playlist of content available to paid subscribers. The station has proved a big hit, extending NBR’s reach and helping convince people through the paywall by giving them a taste of the content available.

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