Stations are faced with a changing audience demand for instant information.

Today’s mobile-contribution technology and consumer demand for instantaneous news are changing the way radio broadcasters approach and cover stories from the field. The vast range of equipment available allows stations to capture and produce live or recorded news easily. This opens the doors for both big and small stations to provide their audiences with accurate, up-to-the-minute information inexpensively. Developments in remote linking technology also allows live outside broadcasting to be accomplished at a much lower cost. It also provides more opportunities for reporters to integrate a new type of creativity into their work by adding increasingly compelling, vivid stories to the programming lineup. Although social media is influencing the way people consume news, radio still plays and irreplaceable role in the mix.

What are the key factors to enhancing remote contributions given this shift in behavior?

In a recent study by Panel Services Africa of the South African online population’s news consumption habits, 31 percent said that they turned to radio each morning to find the first news of the day, whereas 19 percent said they relied on social media first thing in the morning. To provide its audience with the information they expect, stations may use a news van and a team, or they may use lone reporters and smartphones to give them the flexibility to go live anytime, from anywhere, and to edit and disseminate the story within minutes. In many cases, radio broadcasters use a combination of approaches, depending on the type of news to be covered.

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